Thursday, March 24, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Without my equipment and a growing baby belly to attend to (exercise, childbirth classes, buying all the supplies a baby needs, etc) there's not much exciting content I can offer you. So today's post is all about the simple pleasures, the tiny things that brighten up your day. In my case, it's mainly bright, colorful, fresh food :)
So there you go: a bunch of food pics to put some color in your day!

A few colorful shots from the weekly "rastro" or farmer's market.
And yes, those are oranges on the piles of undies - just to prevent them from flying away in a gust of wind!
Perfect dinner: oven baked potatoes with cumin and fresh tomatoes with basil from the garden and
roughly chopped garlic - yum!
Fixing a quick lunch: pasta with a broccoli-mushroom sauce
Our staple snack and dessert: fresh strawberries from Huelva (known for its strawberry crops)
And another spanish staple: churros with hot chocolate and coffee with my oldest friend Laura,
who came to visit me and see my expanding belly! Can you believe we've been friends for just
about 20 years by now!?!?

I hope you enjoyed the pics, and if you're curious and feel like taking a peek at my baby blog, head over to 1+1=3 to see some belly shots. Have a great weekend, xx

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  1. I love this post! The food looks so good and fresh, especially those baked potatoes and tomatoes. hope you are feeling well!