Saturday, November 28, 2009

December is Gift Month!

... and that being said, I am participating in two really cool market events.
The first one is Unique LA, in the Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles. December 5 & 6
The second one is the Global Bazaar at the Craft and Art Museum
in Los Angeles. December 12
So come by and look for the NIMO. table ;)
Here is a quick preview of some of the jewelry I will b
e selling.
To see my full inventory, click through my flickr sets.
Hope you enjoy the last month of 2009!!! (is it just me, or has this year gone by extremely quickly?)

P.S. I'll be updating my etsy shop after december 14th.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Side Project

Let me introduce you to a little side project I just finished: Yes, it's deer hunting trophies! Trust me, no animals were harmed, only plastic figurines - and I felt really bad while I was sawing their little heads off, so I could cast them in silver! They are four tiny brooches, made out of sterling silver and wood. The picture shows them on a postcard, which is where they live when you aren't wearing them.