Saturday, March 5, 2011

Highlights of our Daily Lives

Istán reservoir. After the first heavy rains of the winter, we ventured to a good lookout spot to see the excesss
water being released. 
Wild lavender.
Black spaghetti. No taste difference,  just a feast for the eye. 
Mikki is renovating his recording studio, while we wait for all our belongings to arrive.
The whole place had to be rewired, tiles knocked off the walls, floors need to be replaced and walls need to be painted.
Can't wait for the decorating part :)

I've been told that walking is a great exercise for my growing belly. So I try to do it along the beach. So far I haven't done it often enough though... 
When running errands in the morning Mikki and I always try to sneak in a breakfast stop.
This simple "pan tumaca" (toasted bread sprinkled with delicious olive oil and freshly blended tomatoes)
 is one of our favorite choices. 
Last time I stayed inside the car, while Mikki washed it. Ohhh, the advantages of being pregnant!
Happy weekend everybody! The weather here has suddenly turned cold, windy and rainy again. So I'll probably spend the next few days inside, browsing through pinterest for wall color and jewelry inspiration. I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms after waiting for over two month for all my jewelry tools and supplies to arrive from LA. I hope my belly still lets me get close enough to the bench, by the time everything gets here!

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