Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting A Grip

1. Dahlias for 5$ at the Farmers Market
2. Mushrooms from Far West Fungi
3. Signs in Chinatowm

Hello dear friends. I write this lines full of awe. Fully aware of the time that has past since my last blog. What a mess I have been. Well, that's not entirely true. I've just been a little too tangled up in a new routine and am finding it hard to get a grip of how to get everything done and still have a little breathing room. My excuse? The dreadful return to "school" after my oh-so-relaxing summer months. I'm finding it hard to combine my school stuff with my creativity and productivity. But I have also had my family over, so it has just been a very radical change from having almost too much time to suddenly not having time at all.
Good news is, I've had a great time showing my dad around and sharing my not-so new life here in Pasadena with him. Actually I just returned from a long and inspiring weekend in San Francisco. For all you jewelers and contemporary jewelry lovers out there: if you ever happen to be in San Francisco, head over to "Velvet da Vinci" it's definitely a must.
I returned, not only to a bunch of school projects that should already be in the making (sigh), but to a new sale on etsy, an alternate in a treasury and my first mention in this amazing blog by hooray design! Yesssss, life is goooood ...
You see, I really need to get a grip on my routine, figure out how to cope with my new timetable most effectively, and I hereby promise to keep blogging more frequently :)