Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inspiring Work Spaces

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It is pouring outside, has been for the last few days. As I find myself forced to stay in (here's not much to do when it's this rainy around here, trust me), I find myself yearning to get back to work, checking my email for any updates on the shipment of our belongings (including all my metalsmithing tools and supplies) and brainstorming about how to decorate the new NIMO. work space.
The studio is a closed garage space, completely separate from the rest of the house. It has a gorgeous wide glass door facing a tiny pond and the most amazing rustic tiled floor: alternate terra cota and white marble tiles, a bit like a giant chess board. This space has gone through a whole lot of transitions: a guest bedroom, my mom's painting studio, storage space, my studio when I decided to venture in the world of graphic design, back to storage space (when we moved to the US in late 2007). Now I'm visualizing a creative haven, the new NIMO. headquarters so to speak but I also want to dedicate a chunk of space for my mom's painting endeavors.
The room has a built in white table, that goes along the walls in a u-shape and a big bookcase, filled with books, old records and my photography and graphic design files.
I can't wait for the rain to stop for good this year, so we can get started on repainting (now 2 of the three outside walls are wet), putting up some more shelving and getting all our tools in place.
I have been using pinterest as a tool to keep track of all the amazing work spaces people have found on the web and I can't wait to add a little vintage feel and lots of metalsmithing tools and paint brushes to the blank white space. Here are a few of my favorite spaces so far. If you feel like seeing more or if you want to take a peek at what other inspiring images I have found on the web, click on this link to see my other boards.
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