Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Glimpses into our new/old Home

When we decided to move back to Spain in mid July last year, little did we know of the life changing things that were going to happen in the next few months - I found out I was pregnant in mid September. 
So once we got the news, we decided that moving back in with my mom was the smartest move to make (instead of jumping head over heals into a house search). My mom lives in a beautiful old house with a huge garden overlooking a little reservoir just about 10 minutes out of town. This is the house I grew up in, and it feels amazing to know, that this is where our little girl will spend the first part of her life, too. 
The layout of the house is great for cohabiting - with bedrooms and bathrooms on both ends, enclosing the common areas such as the living room, the kitchen and the dining room. My mom was generous (or crazy) enough to move out of her quarters and to let the our little growing family use the two back bedrooms, the big bathroom and the walk in closet (a dream come true!). The second bedroom used to be my bedroom as a kid and has now the functions of a guest bedroom, living room, baby room, and yoga room :)
Anyways, today I thought I'd share a glimpse into some corners of our new-old home. 

Bedroom: antique chest of drawers, the pictures are a limited edition print of one of my teachers in
photography school, a small pic of my grandfather and a poster of the Godot Art Gallery in Prague.
The lamp is from Ikea. 
Bedroom: my side of the bed. An old photograph of my great grandmother and her kids, a "photographer"
snoopy, a love letter on a piece of wood, a vintage looking tin of Droste Cocoa, books, my beloved
macbook and a lamp from Ikea. 
Bedroom: the only downside of my love of books is that I need to put a bookshelf against each inch
of free wall space. On top is another limited edition photo a teacher of mine took, a candle, an empty
box and the cutest pair of baby shoes,  passed on from my little nephew. 
The hallway: more bookshelves!!! One of my last screen prints based on a photo I took of Mikki
on our way to San Diego, a photo collage I made when I first started photography just out of
high school and the african version of the "matryoshka" my dad brought me from Ruanda. 
Hallway: more of the same and a print I got at the Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles.
Hallway: my parents. 
The multi-function room: has this wonderful vintage wood sink in a corner. 
The multi-function room: with a pretty empty book shelf (we're still waiting for our
belongings to arrive, they're going through customs these days). The wonderful thing about moving
back in to your childhood home, is finding old toys. Like this cute baby and mommy bears. 
The multi-function room: this will eventually become the changing station, for now I parked
this woven crib here. We have been so lucky to get so many things passed along from
my sister in law and our nephew!
The muli-function room: between the sink and the future changing station a wooden guardian and
old toy of mine: the elephant on wheels.
The multi-function room: last but not least a huge teddy bear sitting on the bookshelf, a sake bottle
I took home after a sushi dinner in Germany and beautiful pieces of drift wood my mom brought home.

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  1. Congratulations on expecting a little girl! Your family home looks so cozy and I love your little bedside table area with the lamp, books, and picture.