Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cool Beach - Showroom and Mojitos

Everything from the name of the place, the location, the organizers up to the fashion sounds very promising, if I dare say so myself :)
I am proud to announce yet another Marbella beach night event, where you can see, touch and buy NIMO. items in Southern Spain.
While enjoying the "cool beach" breeze, you could be sipping countless mojitos (at least that's what I intend to do at some point), get the chance to score some of the amazing creations of Salima Abdel-Wahab - and complementing them with some NIMO. jewelry, of course :)
Don't miss out! See you on Saturday, August 21st at Cool Beach, xx

Monday, August 16, 2010

Life is Beachy

Ever since we got back from our norwegian escape, I have spent my days around the pool and at the beach. The perfect locations for summer :) Another summer rite I have acquired is to spend the long summer nights in the garden, talking to my mom and/or Mikki making plans for the future. The future, oh well. I'll keep you updated as to where this adventure that life is, will take us from here. Here are some beachy pictures to keep the summer vibe going a little longer:
Refreshing Sangria at the beach
Moorish Roots at Tarifa, the southernmost city of Europe
Details of the Hurricane Hotel, Tarifa. Where I spent a good deal of my summers while growing up.
A not so sandy beach, the pebbles are small enough not to hurt and big enough to make them easy to clean off. - Bye bye sandy car :)
Detail at the Hotel Dos Mares, Tarifa
El Trocadero, Marbella where I had the first European NIMO. market event

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Way up North

Well hello there! Still remember me? I haven't forgotten about you, although it may seem so :) My excuse for not stopping by here in so long? I've been busy traveling and doing nothing. My two favorite pass-times ever!
The vacation in Norway was a-mazing. Not only was the landscape breathtaking, but Mikki's family was incredibly welcoming and we had an unforgettable time. The weather was perfect, very much like fall in Los Angeles or Marbella (Spain), where I'm currently at. We had days of sunshine and days of rain but it was never too hot or too cold.
Bodø lies north of the arctic circle, so during summer there is no such thing as "night time". During our stay the sun set for about an hour just to come back up again! It took some getting used to, but it was fun, too. I completely lost my sense of time. The equivalent in winter, when there is months of no real daylight, must be really depressing though.
We left Norway with a huge desire to come back again. I would love to explore the whole coast and spend summers in a little red hytte (a small wooden cottage) next to a lake.
Here are a few pictures, so you can get a glimpse. Enjoy, xx
Dream cottage and dream boy at Nygårdsjøen
Saturated colors on a sunny day on our way to Kjerringøy
Wild flowers on the dinner table and detail of a ship in the Bodø harbor
Open sea in Bodø and the little boat at Soløyvatnet Lake
A beautiful "hytte" (cottage) at Langvatnet and the view from the port of Bodø
Mikki and me posing and a sunset over the woods at Soløyvatnet
Beautiful flowers and amazing landscapes wherever you go
Saltfjorden and the mighty currents and whirlpools in the Saltstraumen
Night time sky and mountains along the horizon
Berries! Solbær, Tyttebær and a strawberry cake
Old Trading Post and a reindeer taking a leisurely stroll at Kjerringøy
Fishing and rowing at Soløyvatnet
Viking museum in Oslo
Sunsets at around 12am.
White sand beaches at Kjerringøy