Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day Trip to Tarifa and Bolonia

Tarifa, the southernmost point of Spain and Europe, is a small town in an area famous for wind- and kitesurfing. Like most places in Southern Spain, it is mostly visited in the summer months. But I absolutely love visiting during winter, when 99% of the people on the streets are locals and the climate is nice enough to enjoy a coffe and lunch in the sun, but wearing a jacket or at least a jumper. 
Bolonia is a minute beach town, famous for its roman ruins, and it's beautiful beach.  
The most striking thing about the area are the white sand beaches, the turquoise or intense blue colored Atlantic ocean and on a clear day, the breathtaking views of Morocco (which is a mere 8.9 miles (14.3km) away). 
So today, a mild sunday, my mom and I decided it was time for our first visit to the towns of Tarifa and Bolonia this year. 
First we walked through the old part of Tarifa, stopped for coffee in the sun and then headed over to nearby Bolonia for lunch and a quick stroll at the beach. 
Can I move in? Apparently behind the door there's a huge patio surrounded by antique furniture. Sigh! 
Tarifa. Old moorish city wall.
Old town Tarifa. 

The sign says "zapateria" (shoe repairs) 
Door to the town market.

Coffe in the sun - yum!
Funky street name
View of the Estrecho (Straight of Gibraltar) with Morocco in the background
Old ruins. As close as it gets to the ocean. I would have loved to see this building in its full glory. 
Empty coke bottles. Remnants of a busy summer. (Backyard of a restaurant in Bolonia)
Delicious olives to ease the wait for the food. 
Pan de pueblo (town bread made with corn)
Our friendly lunch companion.
Beach of Bolonia 
Footprint and marks of early morning rain.
Broken glass.  
This cute house is right at the beach. In the garden there were girls in a swing and playing badminton. Oh, and a donkey!!! Can I move in here instead?

Actually I wouldn't mind any of these options either. Especially with those nice neighbors :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A big Sorry and a Good Excuse

Wow. I knew I had been slacking off with the posting, but when I just looked at the day of my last post, I couldn't believe it! Over a month without posting! What a messy beginning of the year.
I have had a lot on my mind lately, and time has been "swooshing" by me like crazy. Ever since the beginning of january we have been settling down here after our big move from LA. Rooms had to be re-decorated, a new car needed to be bought, bank accounts closed, others opened, etc. Even though we grew up here in Spain, it's taking some time to get used to how everything is done over here. Especially after living in the US for over three years. Not only the big picture: especially dealing with missing our very dear friends and the fact that skyping with a 9 hour time difference isn't as easy as it looks at first. But also tiny details, like shops closing from 2pm to 5pm for their lunchbreak, malls closing on sundays, dealing with the strange spanish voice overs at the movies, no starbucks or peet's in our little town, hell - I even miss shopping at trader joe's (more than I can officially admit!).
But anyways, all those thing's havent kept me from blogging. My biggest excuse is also the most amazing one. More life changing than moving halfway across the world. So, what has kept me from blogging you may ask? Well, it's more of a "who" has kept me from blogging! Well it's a little baby girl that has been steadily growing in my ever expanding belly for the last 6 months! She'll be arriving in mid May, and Mikki and I couldn't be more excited! So far I have had a super smooth pregnancy - and I'm already in the last trimester. The baby girl, Liv Nilsen Plange, has been kicking and turning ever since Christmas and it feels great to be surrounded by old friends and family, knowing how everybody is awaiting so anxiously her arrival.
Anyways here a a few highlights of the last month here in Marbella, Spain. I hope you enjoy them and I'll do my best to keep posting on a regular basis again. Maybe I'll share a few snapshots of the interior of our "new" old home.
Ta-dah! Lates belly shot (from last week) :)
The beach on a sunny sunday afternoon. On the horizon you can see Morocco, Gibraltar and Spain. 
Snow on the closest mountains
breakfast in town with my Mikki :)
Look at that tiny dog riding on the back of the bike!
A tasty refreshment after morning pilates
Lately I've been baking like crazy: here a chocolate version of the classic "bizcocho"

first roses in the garden