Sunday, July 18, 2010

Munich in Pics

After spending a few days with my dad in Düsseldorf, getting over the slight culture shock and acclimatizing to the heat wave, it was time to move on to Munich. There, I spent a long weekend with one of my dearest friends and helped her move to a new apartment. I had a great time, even though we we're moving stuff from a 5th (american 6th!) floor with no elevator (I was so thankful that she was moving out of there, at least that way we only had to carry stuff down, not up!). We managed to sneak in some jewelry shop scouting, refreshing drinks, watching some soccer games and a whole day at a local lake!
I really liked the jewelry shop Patrik Muff. The jewelry is quite pricey, but the whole store and their catalogs have an crazy cool vibe. I wish I could just take all their props and use them forNIMO.Click here to get a glimpse of the shop.
This is where I had some of my german breakfasts :) First at my friend's mom's place, then at in the Glockenbach district.

My friend Laura taking possession of her new apartment.
The "pay" for the friends who helped her moveDetails of the super cute Schneewittchen Café (Snow-white) in her block.
New neighbors. View onto the street from her new french balcony.
The living room, before filling it up with boxes and furniture.
Orchids on the windowsill.
"Special" Tablenumbers. Don't you love little details that remind you of special dates, birthdays of special people, etc? I do.
Ginourmous "Bretzel"
The neighborhood at night. Munich
On Sunday we spent the day at one of the lakes in Munich's surroundings: the Ammersee. It was a perfect day for relaxing in the sun, going for a swim and a stroll along the lake. Monday I packed my things and left for Berlin, so make sure to come back to see the pictures of Germany's capital some time next week, xx

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