Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lazy days in the Sun

After all my travels around Germany I was happy to unpack my suitcase for a while and really looking forward to spending my days in the sun, going out with friends and working on my tan. But I ended up getting a silly cold, so I spent my days at home. Sitting in the shade or on the sofa, jumping into the pool for a quick refreshment and playing with my mom's little kitty called... wanna guess??? Nimo! Ha :)
I'm feeling much better by now, finally got my normal voice back and just finished packing - again! This time I'm heading north. Really far north. Destination Bodø, Norway (where Mikki was born).
Hope you're all having a wonderful summer, xx
Detail at my boyfriend's place.
The new family member: Nimo, the crazy little cat.
hmmm... cold melon with jamón serrano (cured ham)...

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