Sunday, July 4, 2010

Europe in Pics

Hello everybody! Today is the first day of my summer vacation, so over the next month or so I'll be sharing some pics of my travels through Europe. As I don't know if I'll be able to post on sundays, I decided to rename this section for the time being. That way I'll be uploading pictures on the go, whenever I feel like it and the wifi situation is sorted out.
I just arrived in Düsseldorf today, so most of my pics this week are still of good old California:
Yes, you're guessing just right: we (Mikki and I) stood in line to get the iPhone4 this week! And yes again: it was worth it. The night before att started selling them, Mikki sold his old iPhone and we decided to get up 5:30 am to stand in line till 7:30 am to get our new toys! The streets in the usually busy Oldtown Pasadena were completely empty, except for the line in front of the att store :)
Weathered sign in old town Pasadena.
This is one of my very first shots with the phone: amazing image quality! Depicted are my legs in a very colorful dressing room.
Oh, my frist (and hopefully not last) California Drivers License, expired on the 30th.
We had a visit from Spain just the day before I left, so we drove to Venice and Santa Monica. These are pictures of the sunset from the Santa Monica Pier.
The gorgeous mister in the fading sunlight. Can't wait to see him again in 10 days in Spain!
The tail of "my" plain. If you ever plan on traveling USA-EU or vice versa between the months of may and october, you have to check out this airline: airberlin
The flowers on both sides of my dad's doorstep: they reach all the way up to my shoulder!
First european meal: dark bread with goat cheese and fresh tomato - yummy!
A corner in the guest room at my dad's place
Whenever I come and visit my dad always has fresh flowers waiting for me in my room. How cute is that!? This time it's a huge sunflower.
In the afternoon we went for a stroll along the Rhine river. It was a great sunny day and really nice to be surrounded by all the lush green trees and fields.
Have a great week everybody, wish me luck sleeping away the jet lag!

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