Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Week In Pics

Vellum for my next CMYK Poster. (Each paper has tiny dots at different angles, one for each color)

What is it with the japanese that they make even the simplest thing looks so pretty?
A red plastic teapot? I think it looks great!

The last screen print I finished:
same principle as the one above. [This one was printed on fabric.]

Eel and Avocado Roll - our absolute favorite.
And look how thinly they sliced the avocado!

UFC. Seriously? The only thing I like about it, is that it gives us
a great excuse for a regular get together with awesome friends :)

Random shot I took while trying to shove my
phone in my bag. Voila, our red door.

I decided to sew after what as been an eternal hiatus.
Dug up all this cute trim I bought ages ago in downtown LA.

Bougainvillea on my kitchen window. That's where it grows at my mom's place too.
I love how the flora in California is soooo similar to the one back home in Spain.

Apparently someone hasn't been taking that many pictures last week. It's been a strange one, sneaking by and providing us with all kinds of weather: sun, wind, even rain (read drizzle) (hello??? SoCal in May???), and pure summer heat today.
I finally finished the layout for my last screen printing project, decided to sew a little (nothing too complicated), and worked on some tribal jewelry pieces I had had on my mind for some time now.
It's funny how inspiration works. I see something that appeals to me, then it triggers something in me. After having it in my head for some days I might draw some sketches in my little moleskin. Usually at the sketching stage something starts happening, either the design works out, or it doesn't. Sometimes I come up with an entirely different piece. But sometimes even while I'm working on a piece it kind of develops a mind of its own. And many times, or even most of the time, I end up with something completely different to what I started off with...
I'm heading out to the movies: Prince of Persia. Mikki's turn to choose :). But there's a few other ones that I really want to see: Exit through the Gift Shop, El secreto de sus Ojos and Please Give.
Have a great first week of June everybody! Can't believe we're already halfway through 2010!

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