Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Inspiration: Antonio Pineda

The other day I was rummaging through all the notes in my phone [a huge list of ideas, inspiration, webs, books, etc] I came across the name Antonio Pineda. Somebody had told me in late 2008 (!!!) that there was an exhibition about his work in Los Angeles. Of course, I forgot to go. Anyways, I decided to google him (don't you love how easy it has become to get information nowadays?) - and ended up ordering the book "Silver Seduction" in less than 10 min.
It arrived on monday! What a book. It has great pictures of his pieces, but also of other jewelers that worked during the same time (mostly 1950s to 1970s) period in Taxco, Mexico, like William Spratling and Margot van Voorhies Carr.
The book has not only made me want to own almost every single piece, but it has also made me itch to design jewelry that involves more fabrication than what I have been doing in the past six month. Let's see how I cope with my lack of equipment, although I have just ordered lots off new tools - yeay!!!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures, it's a small selection of all the beauty depicted in the book.

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