Friday, April 9, 2010

SS Fashion Wishlist ;)

Brace yourselves, here comes the girl-post! It's all about fashion :)
The thing is that I feel bad for not posting anything this week, but I'm not really feeling creative.
It's not like I didn't have enough things to work on, creating more of my customer's favorites for the upcoming shows (The Pasadena Art and Design Market this sunday and Unique LA on April 24 & 24), working on the signage for those events (I have an awesome idea, if I dare say so myself), designing online ads to promote my little etsy store (I'm sorry I have been ignoring you for far to long!) and redesigning the shopnimo twitter home page (now that I'm tweeting more!)...
But instead of doing any of the above, I keep thinking about spring and summer and how desperately I'm in need of new clothes! I keep thinking about tomorrow: I'm headed to Melrose with friends, which is always very inspiring, even if you don't buy anything. Truth is, that I've become more and more picky with clothes, a fact that I blame on taking fashion classes. Now every single tee is lifted and studied, judged upon: could I do this myself, is it worth the price, was it sewn sloppily, etc...
Anyways, I've been wasting time, err... browsing the web, looking for spring summer outfits that more or less fit my style (some more than others).
I am a very "black on black" person in general, which is obviously most noted when you open my closet. To me anything (from bras to shoes, over bags, coats, and tees) just looks so much better in black! The only thing I adore is colorful socks and undies :) Anyways, what I'm trying to get to is that I'm trying to insert more color in my outfits, not too much, but a hint here and there. Let's see how that goes :)
I hope I didn't bore you out of your mind by now. I hope you enjoy the pics.
What's on your SpringSummer Wishlist?

My summer outfits always include a version of the plastic flip flop.
New on my list: grey havaianas

Oh and what would my outfits be without a pair of these all stars?
Luckily I live in a climate where I can wear them year-round (with varying sock-thickness) unless it's pouring.
I'm still not a huge fan of the TOMSshoe design, but they are growing on me and I fell in love with the idea behind it. (Buy a pair and TOMS sends another pair to a poor kid)

I saw these two beauties at american apparel. Visualize them with boyfriend jeans, messy hair and in case of the top one, with a tiny bolero jacket.

I really want a boyfriend jean. I especially like these not too cropped ones from jcrew.
Hmmm... I'm not so sure about this one from urban outfitters. Maybe I could make it my own, with plenty of accessories, the pink all stars and messy hair?

I'm frequenting the same craft shows as Salt Swimwear. All their pieces are made in downtown LA and named after girls.
I love the Naomi Top with the Helena Bottom (My full name is Naomi Elena Plange - how fun is that!?!)

These have been on my wishlist for way to long. I love the baggy pant look. I already ordered some black (obviously!) thai fisherman pants. Let's see what they're like when they get here!

I spotted these two dresses over at anthropologie. I'm not so sure about the pattern panel in the first one, but I loved the second one. Too bad that they're so expensive. I guess I'll try them on anyways to see if they look that nice in person :)

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