Monday, April 26, 2010

My Week In Pics

View onto Downtown San Diego from Coronado

Mikki enjoying the view

Flowers on the beach

Me posing on the beach

View from the Coronado Bridge

I just love the beach, even on a windy gray day (maybe even more than on a sunny day)

Sign on our road trip through the "backways" to San Diego. "Hazardous Children?" :)

Pink flowers. Really intense pink flowers!

Some road trip lovin'. I can't believe next weekend we've been dating for 12 and a half years!!!

Mikki posing. Is there anything better than road trips on empty roads?

Wild flowers on bare dry branches.

My illegally acquired lemons. I made my first lemonade inspired by hooray. Delishousness!

Amazing views from the Unique LA café area over downtown LA and beyond

My part of the booth

Detail of my display.

The screen printed giveaway sign and the email list.

More details.

and even more details.

Hello and welcome to my very belated "week in pics". I have a pretty good excuse for not posting yesterday: pure exhaustion after a two day show. For not posting today: no excuse...
Last week was my very late Spring Break, so Mikki and I decided to head down to San Diego for and overnight escape. We had such a great road trip! Instead of heading down the coast highway (what we usually do) we headed south going inland, through the Rancho Santa Rosa area. And it was awesome. Everything was blooming and green (this is where rainy winters truly pay off). Although we only stayed one night, it was such a great way to disconnect from our daily lives and nevermind that it was gray and rainy at night and on our way back - it was a very relaxing mid-week-weekend :)
I spent the rest of the week getting everything ready for my weekend: Unique LA! Wow, what a great show. So much fun to be part of and such a great place to get to know other vendors and to pass your time people watching (one of my very favorite things to do!)
So all the pics this week are from our trip to San Diego and the show.
Hope you all had a great week and wish you all an even better one, xx

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