Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Week In Pics

I haven't stopped this week. Most of you already know, but next weekend, April 24 & 25 is the next Unique LA show. An amazing design and gift show with 300 local vendors - and I'm one of them! Next week is my (very late and very needed) spring break, so I've been trying to shove everything on my "to do for unique" list into this week! And I almost succeeded!
I've been screen printing, drawing, sawing, hammering, tarnishing, bending, beading, sewing and cutting all week long! Wow. Now I'm exhausted!
Luckily enough I managed to squeeze in some fun:
A get-together with my girls - this time a laid back afternoon at home featuring cake! Yum.
A concert at the Troubadour: the australian band Karnivool - on the top of playlist these days! Right after "Diamond Eyes" the new Deftones single)
A forced time out in the sun (I locked myself out again)
New shoes!!! Yes. Converse. Again. Of course.
So, without further ado, the pictures!

New shoes and Karnivool live at the Troubadour

As American as it gets: shopping cart with cup holder and pancakes on sunday morning

My forced break in the sun. (I left my keys at home and had to wait for Mikki to return home)

Work: My retro tumbler (the cut out pieces are polished in soapy water and shot [nails and other metals]) and some silver rainclouds

More cut out pieces and my work bench

Signs for Unique LA: hand painted on mini canvases and hand screen printed on paper

Left: screen for my NIMO. banner. Right: printed muslin just cut our with my pinking shears

Detail of my banner (it features a giant copper Phoenix bird) and my sewing machine

TA-DAN: my pride and glory. The finished product hanging in the doorway.
The NIMO. Banner. You should come see it in person at Unique LA :)

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  1. thanks !!!! Interesting nice reading and lovely pictures. My monday-morning-treat !!!!