Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Every night my thoughts are the same: TOMORROW I'll start cutting out my patterns, TOMORROW I'll work on a new piece. But then tomorrow turns into today, and normal life just keeps getting in the way. Either groceries, fixing the clothing line, washing clothes, hitting the gym... and then this heat is just suffocating! Our tiny little house sits in the full sun for almost the entire day, heating itself up and not cooling down at night. Sleeping before 2am is simply impossible, and after that very hard. So today we dragged our sweatty bodies into the car and got oursleves a windowfan that is supposed to get the air in the bedroom to circulate, so we can hopefully get some more rest. Sitting in front of the AC, gulping down one cold water bottle after another I keep daydreaming about ice cream, while setting up a flickr account and randomly surfing the web. So I came across this picture - it was taken on a barn somewhere in the US. I hope it makes you smile, just as it made me :)

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