Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finally made it!

Today I am ecstatic!!! I finally opened my own etsy shop and uploaded 6 items. I can't believe it myself. It wasn't even that hard, you just have to take your time, in order to post nice descriptions and pretty pictures. Now the ugly truth comes: wait and see when I sell something and how people will respond to my designs. It's kind of scary, exposing yourself to the world!
Well anyways. I hope you readers will check out my modest store (I'm planning to upload many more items) and give me your honest opinion!

Click here to visit my NIMO. store


  1. Love the byrds & the picture! :)

  2. Congratulations on opening an etsy shop! I just recently opened mine too. I added your shop to my favorites and I am adoring those chandelier earrings.

  3. oh... thank you guys! you made my day :)

  4. Your chandelier earrings are too cute! I like the little birds, too. Have fun with your shop!

  5. congratulations !!!!!!!! You did it !!!!!!

    Being creative not only means to create but also to fulfill, to close, the circle by giving away (selling) the designed item - to win new
    capacities for being creative again ( Leonardo de Vinci's "ADVICE TO ARTISTS")

    Good luck - Ruth.