Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting Started

Hi There!
Well, here I am, posting my first blog. I feel a little weird, not really knowing how this all works not knowing who is going to read this and when... but hey, this is a start!
Actually, I'm getting started on so many levels, which is quite a typical thing for me to do. I never come up with one thing at a time: it's a everything or nothing kind of deal with me ;)
Right now my mission is to open an etsy shop, work on the products I want to sell there (mainly jewelry and some clothing), update myspace, take gorgeous pics of my stuff, and get a hang of this blogging thingy!
Well, I hope you look upon me with forgiving eyes, if it takes me a bit to update and shape this blog, as I said before - I'm all over the place :)


  1. Good luck with starting your blog! You will love it.

  2. you're all over the place and we're loving it.
    Well done! Can't wait to read and learn more about you.

  3. beautiful your NIMO.-logo! Congratulations!

    It is very pleasant to read your blog, well done!
    Mulit-talented girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!