Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm back

... and with more energy than ever!
As you might have noticed, I haven't posted anything in the past week. This has a simple explanation: we had a friend over visiting! So I took a week off and had a blast showing Yasmina around. The definite highlight of last week was our one-day-extreme-roundtrip to Death Valley. I want to thank my boyfriend Mikki, who had the courage to drive us two crazy girls around for 10 hours to cover the 600 miles that stretch from LA to Death Valley and back, in a single day!!!
Over there we had some crazy fun photo sessions and these are some of the results:
1. burnt house somewhere around Victorville
3. the fancy dress I made for myself (just need an occasion to wear it now - I don't recommend it for the desert!!!)
4. Yasmina and our tiny photo shoot camp
5. Yas and I going bananas in the heat
6. Our car in the middle of nowhere, literally
7. amazing black, green and brown stones in the desert. I took two home as a background for my jewelry photos
8. Yasmina flying
9. 282 feet below sea level, at around 117F!!!
10. myself, before I had a minor heatstroke and started seeing tiny black dots everywhere :)

The best thing about getting out of your routine is that you start finding inspiration everywhere:
My visit to the Renegade Craft fair last saturday definitely got things going, but over the past week everything seemed to inspire me and I have this good "itchy" feeling in my fingertips that I get when I can't wait to work on stuff! I'll keep you posted :)

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