Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wrapping it up in LA

Well, this is a short summary of what my last weeks consisted of. Literally wrapping it up in LA.
Constant trips to the shipping supply store to get seemingly endless rolls of bubble wrap, tape and the occasional box. In between all the packing and selling madness (whoever came up with craigslist is a genius and a live saver) we managed to squeeze in as much fun stuff as possible. So today my pictures are a mix of packing and a great trip to the Queen Mary, which is docked permanently in Long Beach.
The next post will contain more fun images of the amazing weekend I've been having with my dear friends from LA. Have a great week, xx
Heart shaped leaves everywhere

The majestic Queen Mary

Snow flake projections in old town Pasadena

Bon ap├ętit! Improvised dining table amidst boxes

Christmas shadow and giving our Cruiser the last car wash

This box contains all my jewelry tools and supplies

Our belongings, just before pick up

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