Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Crafty Holiday Blog Hop

Today it is my turn to post in the Crafty Blog Hop, which was organized by the lovely Angela Flicker over at The Artists' House
The blog hop is a chain-event, in which a bunch of bloggers post their selection of crafty gifts for the holidays and write about their commitment to buy hand made. [Click here to see the full list of participating bloggers]
So why do I commit to buying hand made gifts this Christmas? 
Because I truly believe that hand made gifts really reflect this season of giving and celebrating with family and friends. I can’t think of a more personal way of giving: you are choosing something special, for someone special made by somebody special. 
I also believe that during these dire economic times it is our duty (and joy) to support small businesses and people who pursue their passion of creating things. Some are fortunate enough to have their own shops or to be represented in small boutiques, others participate in local market events and all of them sell online. - Yeay for the web! 
The selection of crafters whose products I’d like to give (and receive) this Christmas, are all available on etsy, although I strongly encourage you to visit local events. Here in the LA area I can recommend  Unique LA and Renegade Craft, which will both take place on December 11th & 12th.  

For Her
1. Woven Cowl by Celapiu
2. Herringbone Gigi Purse by Bagatelles & Co
3. Hand screen printed Hoodie Dress by New Extrave Fashion Studio
4. Pocket Planner 2011 by Dozi
5. Johnny Head Skulpture by Mud

For Him 
1. Godet Tee by Take Off Your Clothes
2. Penguin Print by E. Soule
3. Shadow Boxer Pullover by Hackwith Design
4. Ipad Mix Tape Case by Brave Moonman
5. Antlers Poster by Debie Carlos

For the Little One
1. Sylverster the Sneak Tee by B Childrens Wear
2. Dog Wool Slippers by Little Friend
3. Baby Racoon No. 1 Print by Sharon Montrose
4. Wool Monster Slippers by Handknit Hugs
5. Boom Box Bib Set by Burkeheart Baby

Feel like getting more insider tips on crafty presents? Make sure to visit creative stash on monday! 
Happy Holidays, xx


  1. This is a great list you have created here. I'm eyeballing a few up for my hubby and daughter. I love the doggy wool slippers and the sneak tee --too cute. I also love the ipad mixed tape cover and pullover for the men. Great list!!!

  2. I am forever indebted to you for finding that amazing planner. Must. Have. :-)

  3. That iPad Mix Tape case is really cool! I like your point that during these hard economic times there is even more of a reason to support small businesses and people pursuing their creative dreams. One thing that I have noticed is that many of these people seem to be women, and in particular, women who want to create livelihoods that suite them. It's great to vote in support of small businesses, creative people, and women with my dollars!


  4. Wonderful collection of gifts. I love that first scarf!

  5. oh my goodness those woolly monster slippers are so cute and the boombox bib - awesome! I wish I had a little bambino to put them on!!! Ipad case is super cool too, although that would add insult to injury for my man, haha. Happy handmade holiday!

  6. Beautiful words, beautiful picks! You summed up why to choose handmade wonderfully!

  7. Stunning gift choices - I love that printed hoodie dress :) Thanks for sharing!