Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Week In Pics

Oh no: shame on me! - I never posted anything between last weekend and this weekend. In my defense I have to say, that my Spring semester started last monday, and even though I'm only taking two classes, it wasn't too easy to get back to the routine, after an amazing 2month period in which I did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted! This last week has been a bit on the strange side, not really eventful, but it has brought change in to my life.
I'm enjoying my classes, both related to printing. One is a hands-on screen printing class, the kind of class I'm addicted to: great teacher, surrounded by creative people and I can work at my on pace. The other class is an intro to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, it's the last requirement for my screen printing certificate and a bit boring because I have been using these programs for years now. But the teacher is great fun and I'm expanding my list of shortcuts: oh how I love those "apple-shift" combos ;0)
Another great thing about classes starting is that I can indulge in quick escapes to meet my friends more often. I live right next to the campus, so whenever they get a break and I happen to be free I can just walk the block that separates me from the variety of coffee or restaurant joints and meet up to chitchat for a while!
I had the pleasant surprise of receiving two packages on the same day: some much needed workout shoes and a book I had talked about with my dad's wive back in January. She decided to mail me a copy, when I had completely forgotten about it - how I love surprise packages :)
The shoes are my second pair of the rykä. I love how lightweight they are and how they are wide at the front: which is good for my eyes (because I love wide shoes!) and for my feet (because so far I haven't met anybody who can surpass my feet in width!
Finally on friday we had another appointment with an immigration lawyer. I decided to make an appointment, because my whole listmaking idea (listing all the good and bad stuff about Europe and/or the US) didn't make much sense without knowing if the US was even a realistic option. Well, turns out it wasn't! What the...
Well, so our mood has been pretty weird over the weekend. The days included rain, working out, comfort food, visiting friends, working on some graphics for my next screen print, going to the movies and laundry. Ha!
Mikki and I watched "Valentines Day" and it was a great choice to hype us up a little, such a funny movie. Of course it's cheesy at times, but if you are mentally prepared for some kissing, sadness and happy endings, all the funny parts make it really recommendable :)
How was your week?

This weeks font is called VKB KonQa.

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