Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Week In Pics

This week involved a lot of movement. To mix it up a little, I'm going to start with the end, just because everything I did this week makes more sense that way ;)
I attended the my first pop up store in 2010 this saturday in Costa Mesa, CA. The event was inside a huge eco life style store, which is part of an ecofriendly mall in the aforementioned city in Orange County. I was very impressed with the whole site, its amazing architecture (I'm a huge fan of the wood-concrete combo), the great stores and the very cute Milk+Honey Café. Overall the whole place just emanated such a great vibe.
Because of this event I spent some days of this past week in my workshop, taking pictures and buying supplies. Some of them I got by mail, others I had to go pick up myself. So my week included a trip to downtown Los Angeles. Whenever I have to go downtown, it gives me mixed feelings. I love shopping for supplies (especially chains!), but I dread the parking situation. I love the art nouveau-ish architecture of downtown's big old buildings, but I hate walking on the overcrowded dirty streets. So what I end up doing is parking in one secret parking spot and walking to all the places, averting my gaze from the streets and looking at the pretty skyline and old signs instead :)
One sunny day (this week has been an ever changing mix of sunshine, clouds and rain) Mikki and I decided to treat ourselves to lunch, so we ended up going to Nicole's, a cute little french bistro place in South Pasadena. And we absolutely loved it. It's definitely the place to go if you crave some European style food. I'm so glad we finally went and checked it out.
And last but really not least, I got myself a very cute and simple Tee at the Seeds People's Market, in support for Haiti. The makers are Tiny Whales, and an amazing $20 (the shirt is sold for $25) goes to the Hungry's Haiti Earthquake Fund. I'll probably customize the plain round neck of the AA tee with my scissors pretty soon :)
Anyways, I hope you had an amazing week and have a even better one as of tomorrow!
Thanks for reading, xx

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