Thursday, August 6, 2009

Out 'n About

Bed, cushion and striped jersey tee from anthropologie
sewing machine on tiny bookshelf from urban outfitters
patterns by Dan Funderburgh
books: see links in text

Today I finally met the girls for lunch and "inspiration-shopping", which is shopping without actually buying. Instead, you go home with your head full of new ideas and a full wallet!!! Try topping that during the current economy :)
So now I have a bunch of new (and old) ideas that I can't wait to work on. Especially screen printing, I'm currently thinking totes, dishtowels, cushions... combining print with embroidery, floral, plaid, stripes, etc... (sorry, my mind just keeps racing away!) Actually in one of the books I was browsing through, I found an amazing pattern designer/artist: Dan Funderburgh
Now I truly want to work on some more combinations of fabric or leather and metal for jewelry (I tend to like the combination of "delicate and rugged" in all aspects of art (music, design, print, fashion, etc).
Oh, and then I found all these books I desperately want to own!
- Naïve. Modernism and Folklore in Contemporary Graphic Design. Published by gestalten(check out their website it's really worth it!!!
-Patterns in Fashion, by Macarena San Martin
- Tartan: Romancing the Plaid, by Jeffrey Banks, an amazing book about the history and the different uses of plaid
So, as you can see, I'm very excited about getting to work and only hope I'm still as excited tomorrow :)
Enjoy the links!

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  1. I have a - hopefully - good idea : you get yourself this book you liked so much "Tartan - Romancing the Plaid" and mom pays for it. OK ? Trato hecho??? Tk mucho (como trucha trucho :-))) )