Thursday, August 20, 2009

Escape to the Lake

Last tuesday we decided to escape the dreadful routine we've been slipping into, and head for an overnight stay at Big Bear Lake, CA. It turned out to be the perfect getaway: a mere two hour drive away from our home, but an entirely different world!
We had so much fun! A good mix of nice lunches, kayaking, biking around the lake, relaxing and cinema ("Funny People" in the small town theater).
What a great way of recharging energies, getting back having the sensation of having spent a week of vacation, working on our life plans - both short, very short and long term!
There is nothing better than sharing your ideas of the future with your "significant other" (sorry Mikki, I just love the expression!) and realizing how much you truly have in common, and how even without having talked about it before your seem to have been nurturing the same dreams and goals all along.
So get your act together, look for some places close to home (so you save some gas!) and head out there! No excuses, even if you are drowning in work, just take your laptop along :)


  1. well done my clever girl!!!!
    Now jump on daily life again with new and more
    energy then ever. Go............

  2. Good advice! We were lucky enough to take several vacations this summer - it's SO nice to get away.
    By the way, thanks for supporting my little shop, and for your sweet message! I'll be sending your package off soon!