Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Morning Leaves

Over the weekend I've been looking at so many blogs about interior decoration and photography, that my urge to change things around the house and to finally take some pictures again, has only increased! So I guess, spending all that time reading other peoples blogs is not a waste of time after all, on the contrary: I find it very inspiring!
One of the good outcomes is that I finally went through my closet and managed to fill two pretty big bags of clothing that needs to go! Wish me luck, while I drive to the local thrift and vintage stores to see what I can get for old skirts, tees and some jumpers!
Another aspect of inspiration is the creative side, which I have been a bit reluctant to face, lately. So I have a couple of ideas and have decided that my last creative failure was due to a defective saw blade. I hope to head to my garage-studio this afternoon or tomorrow to dump the aforementioned blade and start all over again!
But before I can submerge myself in creativity I have to go out and buy some supplies - how I dread running out of stuff, especially when I'm in the middle of something!
As I said before, I am finally embracing the idea of taking pictures again, which I have been ignoring for the last couple years, only taking duty- photos of vacation, live shows and some etsy-worthy creations.
I just took this photo of the leaves creeping up on our living room window. I love how the light shines through them and the combination of the organic shapes with the geometric mesh of the mosquito net.

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