Friday, January 7, 2011


1. naked tree with dry red berries of some sort
2. orange tree bursting with fruit
3. persimmon
4. orange tree closeup
5 & 6. beautifully feathered creatures

So yesterday we decided that the weather was nice and dry enough to venture out to a friends finca. A finca is a spanish word for a rural piece of land, usually with some sort of building on it.
We spent the better part of the time picking bag fulls of oranges and clementines, marveling over the quantities of fruit, the smell and the taste, while having the juices dribbling over our chins and fingers.
We also scored some persimmons and some tiny little chirimoyas. Yum!
After we admired the feathers of the chickens, we headed to the small hill town of Istán, where we filled a bunch of water bottles with fresh spring water and headed into town to fill our orange filled bellies with something more substantial.
Oh, how I had missed these improvised day trips!

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