Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I've been up to

Hi there!
What a blogging mess I've been. I hereby officially apologize.
I've been pretty busy working on new designs and trying to decide which ones will be true one of a kind pieces and which ones are going to become part of the "regular" line.
Bare with me, please, as I try to name them, price them, and provide each little (or big) item with it's little history. Only then will I upload them to my (now very sad looking) etsy store.
I'm also psyched about a little holiday project I will be participating in. It's a "blog hop event" about committing to buying crafty presents this Christmas. Angela Flicker had the lovely idea of recruiting bloggers who will each be assigned one day, starting in November, to blog about buying hand-made presents and supplying a shopping list of their favorite items. Head over to her blog to see the list of participants and the scheduled posting.
On the side I'm also working on the design of my webpage, which beginning to take a shape I like. I can't wait to have it up and running (nothing worse than handing out business cards with a web that's under construction - yikes!)
Here are a few pictures of my last weeks.
Vintage Bohemian Glass (1900-1940) - used as barter in Africa
Repurposed vintage bone brooch
Legion Necklace (unisex) 
Sterling Silver Rococo Pendant
Squared Necklace (brass and copper)
The Key

My last "Open Desing Market" in Pasadena, a free event for alumni of the City College and Art Center of Design

Too bad this was the weather we had at the event


  1. OH MY HEAVENLY DAYS these are gorgeous. Especially the geometric ones...reminds me of this old Irish modernist still making incredible paintings and sculpture in rural might enjoy his prints especially:

    and this one:

  2. Thanks Lily! The paintings are gorgeous, xx