Monday, October 11, 2010

First weeks of Leisure back in LA

Rhubarb Lemonade 
Chillin' by the pool. What's up with the legs guys? 
Abandoned toy frog at the bottom of the pool

Welcome back to the US of A: delicious fries at The Counter

Rainy weather brings rainbows, a not so common sight in LA

Home made AllBran-Banana-Oat muffins

Invention on the go: italian whole wheat pasta with brussel sprouts and onions. Secret ingredient: white truffle oil!

A stroll around Pasadena Art Night with friends

I loved the fact that my birthday was such a big deal this year! I kept bumping into banners and posters.

I decided to celebrate at The Edison in downtown LA. A definite "must see" if you're in the area

On sunday I felt I needed a substitute for a birthday cake, so we got some frozen yogurt. This is Mikki's choice: Butterfinger and gummy worms! Although it was quite tasty I opted for the classic topped with fresh strawberries :)

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