Friday, September 3, 2010

Quick escape to Portugal

Last week we went on a quick trip to Portugal's west shore, which is a 5 hour car ride from my home in Marbella, Spain. It was a unplanned adventure. We just knew more or less where we were heading, no hotels booked and no fixed plan as to stay one or two nights. And believe me, booking no hotel is a real adventure in the month of August!
We spent our first beach day at the beach of Amado, right next to Carrapateira. From there we traveled up north, through a gorgeous scenery of dry landscapes and breathtaking beaches.
On the second day we headed further up the coast to Odeceixe. There we were to meet some brand new facebook- friends and a real world friend from the other side of the planet (read: Australia)! To make a long story short: just take my word - there is no such things as coincidence! Some things are just meant to be :)
On this second day in the Algarve, I survived my pathetic little attempt at surfing. I must admit, it was a lot of fun and even though I got salt water in my eyes, ears and mouth and made two involuntary summersaults inside a wave, I could still get why so many people are hooked to this sport!
Luckily we were invited to spend the second night at the place our new friends from Pura Vida Portugal were building (we actually were the first people to sleep in one of the houses!) and so we headed back home on the third day after heaving breakfast in Odeceixe, where we also scored some pretty nice harem pants (which have been part of my "uniform" for the last 4 years!) and some typical queijo (cheese).
Portugal, I can't wait to visit you again!

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