Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On my Way back to LA via Düsseldorf

So, as we finally got our passports back from the embassy, I decided to spend a few days with my dad in Düsseldorf, before heading back to LA. It was quite a climate change, from still summery Spain to very autumny Germany - but I loved it. I always get so tired of my clothes at the end of each season :) In fact, I enjoyed the rainy weather so much, I even went for walks along the Rhine river, equipped with an umbrella and my ipod. So without any further ado, my impressions of Düsseldorf (all shot with my iPhone). 

Letter Chaos on the floor
Raindrops on a fallen leaf
Reflections after the Rain
More Raindrops

Walnuts everywhere

Raindrops on the Grass
My umbrella from the inside. It reads "The german summer is a winter painted in green - Heinrich Heine"
Old tiles in a shop on Hohe Strasse
Missing my Mister
Boy cycling towards the Rhine
The Rhine on a sunny day
Pic your own flowers - and deposit the according money below
Abandoned gummy fish

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