Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Week In Pics

Flowers Blooming everywhere

I love the bubbles and color of freshly refilled olive oil

Latest addition to the NIMO. Spring Summer line.
(The coral and pearl remind me of strawberries and whipped cream
or fresh tomatoes with mozarella)

One of the crazy squirrels in our neighborhood sitting on our roof

A rose blooming right next to our doorstep

I can't believe it's sunday again! Although this week has been much more laid back than last, time has still gone by very quickly.
This week was filled with the usual screenprinting (only two more colors to go - can't wait to be done!), flowers blooming everywhere, crazy squirrels running around and chasing each other; friends, working on some jewelry and enjoying the sun.

Print in progress. Printing 10 colors takes a while!

Black disposable gloves. It can't get funkier than that!

The highlights have been the release of my boyfriends amazing new video and a fun "couple-pact" we have made: I learn how to play Mario Cart and Mikki does all the dishes!!! Now you might think that's not a fair trade, but you have to understand: I have NEVER had the slightest interest in video games, in a 12 year long relationship Mikki has never gotten me to play any game that involves two players. Poor guy.
Anyways, although I'm not enjoying it as much as I should (I'll probably get hooked once I'm able to play), Mikki has shown me what an amazing teacher he is. Wow. I have never seen anybody so patient and able to put himself in the position of somebody who has absolutely no clue about something.

Can you tell Mikki likes games by all the different controllers we have on our coffee table?

Mikki's hair after he trimmed it

Oh, and talking about experts: this morning he cut my bangs. And they look great. They really do!
It's definitely these kind of events that make me realize what a lucky girl I am. Not that I had any doubts before - but this guy is a keeper [big smile]!!!
So although my week might not have been very action filled, it has been a great one - a very happy one indeed.
Hope you had a nice week too. I'm off to finish reading my book in the warmth of the afternoon sun...