Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Week In Pics

Quick stop in Chinatown

"In Memory of RFK" by Sister Mary Corita

Our Lady of Angels Cathedral

New NIMO. flyers

Saturday Hail!

Sunday Rainbow

New Limited Edition "LALA LAND" necklace

I'm glad to say (or write, for that matter), that this week was more exciting than last ;)
I had the opportunity to drive downtown, to watch an exhibit of a controversial nun! Yes, finally I hear about a controversial nun - she was an art teacher in LA and spent her summers doing color- and meaningful screen prints. Her name: Sister Mary Corita.

The exhibit was in the extremely modern Cathedral of the Lady of Angels, by spanish architect Rafael Moneo. A wonderful building from the outside. Not so much from the inside.

It still fills me with excitement, whenever I receive my printed graphic designs. It makes such a difference to be able to touch and feel your designs, instead of only seeing them on a screen! So yeay for me and my flyers ;0)

The highlights of this weekend were hail on saturday - remember: I live in Los Angeles, where it hardly ever even rains and I grew up in Southern Spain, where the weather is identical.
And then on sunday: a rainbow! Another rarity in the smoggy LA sky.
We also went to the movies, and watched "Shutter Island" - a definite must, if you haven't seen it yet. Oh, and we had amazing pizzas [believe me, another rarity in Pasadena] at the Avanti Café. Whose owner was kind enough to give a homeless woman a hot soup - dinner package just before closing.

But it wasn't all fun and games this week. I finally got to work on a project I had been thinking
about for a while now. A limited edition, LA LA Land necklace. My tribute to Los Angeles, a city that has given me so much in this past three years. In the picture you can see the prototype, which I made today. The necklace will be available in silver and brass.

I'm leaving you now, to keep watching the Oscars, have a great week everybody!

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