Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last Week of October

I don't know how the weather has been wherever you are currently located, but here in Los Angeles, we've had some pretty amazing weeks. The sun is shining, but even here you can tell that it's fall: the air is way crispier than usual. So in order to fully take advantage of the sun before we have to pull out our jackets of the closet, we've enjoyed a few lunches sitting outside, and even spent some time sitting in the sun just outside our little house. 
I can't believe it's November already! We're starting this month just right: today, we're celebrating our 13th anniversary and on thursday we're heading to Hawaii (yesss!!! Hawaii!!!!) for a long weekend. It's my birthday-anniversary present! Yeay for having the best boyfriend on the planet :) 
So by next week you can expect a post of island scenery! Hope you all have a great November! 
Our neighboring palm trees
Sitting in the sun right outside our house

I took advantage of the great weather to shoot all my NIMO. jewelry for the new web
and a major overdue shop update (both will have to wait till after Hawaii, I guess)

Props for the photo shoot

I went for a walk around the Rose Bowl Stadium (here in Pasadena). It a pretty long walk, at least it took me an hour to make the full round!

The other day I openen my jacket closet to find a mic stand in it and post its pasted to my jackets!
Surprise! That's what you get if your boyfriend is a musician and has to improvise a vocal booth :)

And to finish the month off: Halloween! (Top ltr Mikki, me & Mel. Bottom ltr Me, Mel & Ira)

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