Monday, August 16, 2010

Life is Beachy

Ever since we got back from our norwegian escape, I have spent my days around the pool and at the beach. The perfect locations for summer :) Another summer rite I have acquired is to spend the long summer nights in the garden, talking to my mom and/or Mikki making plans for the future. The future, oh well. I'll keep you updated as to where this adventure that life is, will take us from here. Here are some beachy pictures to keep the summer vibe going a little longer:
Refreshing Sangria at the beach
Moorish Roots at Tarifa, the southernmost city of Europe
Details of the Hurricane Hotel, Tarifa. Where I spent a good deal of my summers while growing up.
A not so sandy beach, the pebbles are small enough not to hurt and big enough to make them easy to clean off. - Bye bye sandy car :)
Detail at the Hotel Dos Mares, Tarifa
El Trocadero, Marbella where I had the first European NIMO. market event

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