Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting A Grip

1. Dahlias for 5$ at the Farmers Market
2. Mushrooms from Far West Fungi
3. Signs in Chinatowm

Hello dear friends. I write this lines full of awe. Fully aware of the time that has past since my last blog. What a mess I have been. Well, that's not entirely true. I've just been a little too tangled up in a new routine and am finding it hard to get a grip of how to get everything done and still have a little breathing room. My excuse? The dreadful return to "school" after my oh-so-relaxing summer months. I'm finding it hard to combine my school stuff with my creativity and productivity. But I have also had my family over, so it has just been a very radical change from having almost too much time to suddenly not having time at all.
Good news is, I've had a great time showing my dad around and sharing my not-so new life here in Pasadena with him. Actually I just returned from a long and inspiring weekend in San Francisco. For all you jewelers and contemporary jewelry lovers out there: if you ever happen to be in San Francisco, head over to "Velvet da Vinci" it's definitely a must.
I returned, not only to a bunch of school projects that should already be in the making (sigh), but to a new sale on etsy, an alternate in a treasury and my first mention in this amazing blog by hooray design! Yesssss, life is goooood ...
You see, I really need to get a grip on my routine, figure out how to cope with my new timetable most effectively, and I hereby promise to keep blogging more frequently :)

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  1. It is always very pleasant to read your so nicely written blog. well done!
    keep my fingers crossed that eveything "complicated" at this very time turns out "a laugh" in the next hours, days, weeks.... time!
    Love U