Monday, June 21, 2010

My Week in Pics

Endings are just Beginnings
This week was the end of my last week at the local college. The end of a chapter in my life, where I'm attending an american college. Over the last three years I attended a selection of jewelry, screen printing and fashion classes. Three certificates later, I feel like I have gained so much more. It has been a fun adventure, submerging myself in american culture. I have finally (after starting off with photography, then switching to graphic design) found what I can see myself doing for the rest of my life (or at least the next decade -ha!) And I have met a handful of very dear friends. So I'm ending this experience with a great feeling of fulfillment on so many different levels! Bring on that summer vacation :)

Drawers at my screen printing class.

I had some really colorful food this week: wild alaskan salmon on a bun for breakfast and a mexican interpretation (hence the avocado and cream!) of the spanish Gazpacho (a cold tomato soup). I must say it was quite good, apart from the fact that the only thing it had in common with the original dish was the tomato ;)

I also got to work on some new pieces of jewelry. I promise I'll update my shop by next weekend. I'll be out of town during the week, so I wont get my etsy-worthy shots done till friday.

Mikki's band is finally complete again. I had the pleasure of witnessing one of their first rehearsals. It was fun hearing the new songs performed live, after listening to bits and pieces in the studio.

The weekend highland was a trip with the girls to Silverlake on Saturday. We had lunch at LAMill Coffee - definitely a must go, if you're in the area. The picture above is their award winning organic iced coffee, and I must say: the award is very deserved!

If you venture to LAMill, just down the street is "lawson-fenning" a interior decor shop with an amazing book section in the back (the books alone are worth the visit: everything on art, fashion and architecture). I want almost all their furniture and their books! Now!

After indulging on the coffee and strolling through the neighboring furniture shops, we headed to the Sunset Junction, for more window shopping!

I have to admit this visit to Silverlake has me yearning for a huge industrial loft, polished concrete floors, bare lightbulbs, nice furniture (I can't wait to replace our Ikea-catalog home with something more personal), and a humongous bookshelf with a ladder. Sigh!

I believe summer is finally here: schools is over, iced coffe, long talks sitting outside at dusk, washing the car by hand :) Can't wait for the beach and pool part!
Have a great week everybody,

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  1. what a nice info about your last week - what a lot of changes going on - what extraordinary beautiful, artistic pics !!! congrats! what an especially good and wise headline "endings are just beginnings". Have a nice, peaceful, pleasant
    and exciting summer ! H D S L !