Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Week in Pics

This week truly felt like the first week of summer, no wonder americans decided that Memorial day weekend is the unofficial start of summer! Summer started the best way possible: celebrating! Three of my favorite girls were born on May 31 and June 1, isn't that crazy? Stuff like that makes me believe in astrology!
On Monday we celebrated my friend Mel's birthday with an amazing greek lunch in Malibu, followed by an afternoon by the pool and a bbq dinner! I was so relaxed that I had completely forgotten about having to go back to class the next day! Luckily I remembered in time, so I could expose the screens for my last screen printing project.
Then I finally decided it was time to hit the workshop again, rework some old projects and start some new ones. Here is one of the new pieces: The Tibet Statement Necklace. Click on this link to my shop to see some of the other newly uploaded pieces.
My landlady recently replaced the old dark green garage doors, providing me with an ideal new backdrop for quick photo shoots. -Thank you :)
This is a very delicious breakfast I made myself the other day. Homemade curry spread (I'll post the recipe soon in the EAT. section of the blog) with turkey breast, tomato slices and arugula leaves on Trader Joe's Parm-agio bread. Yes, I'm a huge fan of TJ's - how couldn't I be, when they come up with such fun bread names (Parmesan and Asiago cheeses provided the name inspiration).
But this week wasn't only about gift giving, but also gift receiving! I decided to buy an iPhone sleeve that I can strap around my arm, so I can't come up with excuses not to go running. Didn't really work out so far - now I'm blaming the heat. Oh man!
Well and then I had been on the lookout for a really tiny purse/cardholder for the summer. Not such an easy task. Luckily I ended up finding one in the Leatherwerks etsy store.
The great thing about having a typographer as a teacher is that you get so much background info on fonts in an otherwise boring computer class. So let me share my recently acquired wisdom: the font avant garde, started off by "just" being a logo for Ralph Ginzburgs Avant Garde Magazine. Everybody liked it so much, they decided to design a whole font. Here are some blurry phone pics I took of some of the awesome layout of the magazine.
And what would "My Week in Pics" be without a floral picture? I just couldn't resist: bougainvillea petals on the concrete floor. I love the contrast of color and meaning.
Another huge highlight, although not directly in my life, is that my mom adopted this adorable kitty on saturday. Here she is, relaxing on the windowsill.
How do you end week that has started with celebration, you may ask. Well, with celebration of course! Our excuse? The aforementioned birthday girl and her engagement. What better excuse for a big party? And trust me, it was great. So great that I'm posting this laying in bed at 6pm, feeling quite terrible :) But it was so worth it. Here is the only picture I can officially share: a pair of very cute and very high heels on the windowsill of a limo. Sometimes pictures speak volumes.

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