Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Week In Pics

view through our living room window

I had a great week. How about you? I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (kind of) this time. Have a great week everybody, xx

homemade berry lemonade
(1 cup lemon juice, one cup sugar, 5 cups of water. Dissolve sugar in one of the cups of water on the stove, then mix everything)

surprise package from my mom - yeay!!! [pj shorts and yummy tea (not pictured)]

highlights of this weeks organic produce box: lettuce and artichokes

My free Moo and Etsy cards arrived!

My riogrande order arrived!!!
And it inspired me to organize my workspace and to make a new prototype

Freshly organized work bench

Details: stones and seashells from the Atlantic Ocean [collected back home in Spain]

Work in progress: a new NIMO. prototype

Hiking through Topanga Canyon with friends. These wild flowers were buzzing with bees

The amazing views over the Canyon.

Seashell marks on a rock on the mountain

Partying in Hollywood

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