Sunday, May 2, 2010

my Week In Pics

The sun coming through the trees at Lacey Park, San Marino

Where did the last week go? I feel like I was standing next to a freeway and time just went "wooosh" speeding by.
Anyways, enough metaphors. Last week was weird. Not only did it go by extremely fast, but it was a constant rollercoaster (ups, there you go: another metaphor) of emotions. Strange. I'm glad it's over, somehow.
I have a couple things in the making, but not much I could really show in pictures.
Great news was that I am in some press about Unique LA. This pic was in the LA Weekly Facebook page.
Me at my Unique LA booth

And the lovely Sarah included me in her "Unique LA -My favorites" over at her Dedicated Follower of Fashion blog.

I finally started working on new prototype for a jewelry piece that I've had on my mind for a while. Now I "just" need to find the right "tweaks" to make it marketable and comfortable. But it's still very exciting!

This weekend we got our dose of Spain: we watched the modern spanish flamenco dancer Amador Rojas in Santa Monica and got the chance to hang out with a bunch of friendly spanish expats in the spanish bar "Pintxo", which is a good place for a homesickness fix, but not the best spanish food I've tasted.
Amador dancing in Santa Monica

After 4 hours of sleep I had to pick up our weekly organic CSA Box (so much yummy looking goodness!) and went straight back to bed - ha!
Part of the contents of our weekly box: Oranges, Carrots, Spring Onions, and Asparagus

Saturday night we had dinner with friends, this time german food (I definitely got my share of european food this week!) and watched "The Lovely Bones" - a MUST see. What a wonderful movie. I've never seen such a horrible story told in such a beautiful way.

After a sunny sunday lunch and a stroll through the nicest local park {Lacey Park in San Marino}, I decided to "go for it" and spend most the my NIMO. savings on a bunch of jewelry tools and supplies! Can't wait for my torch and hammers to arrive - I'm such a tool freak!

Huge roses at the Lacey Park. So many colors, textures and sizes. Amazingly beautiful.

Now I'm signing off here to spend some time on the sofa, reading "Falling From Grace" the last book, my "aunt" Ann Eriksson wrote. Right now she's on an eco friendly booktour in Canada, which sounds like so much fun!
Have great week you guys, xx

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