Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Week In Pics

Spring sunshine through the moonroof of our car

Flower Power!
This was a week of many firsts. And as today is easter sunday and we had a brunch over at our place, a lot of my firsts were food and brunch related ;)
Easter Brunch Food!
Easter eggs: dyed with beets and black tea!
One funky looking egg!
One first was guacamole! I love guacamole, but had never attempted to make one myself. Oh man, if I had only known how easy and delicious it is - I would've done it much sooner! Talking about easy and fun: this was our first time having friends over for brunch (and we have been living in this house for 2 and half years!) It only took a bit of rearranging our miniature living room and some easy snacks and fingerfood- and we had so much fun! When I went grocery shopping, I bought my first flowers (yes, I had never bought flowers for myself before) I went for something cheap, colorful and that I knew was gonna last :) Oh, and I dyed my easter eggs in the liquid from canned beets - hoping for the purply color. Well, my eggs looked kinda grayish, but after making them shiny with a bit of olive oil they looked pretty cute!

Finally another more meaningful and still fun first is this new necklace I designed and made during the week. I like how I was inspired by japanese prints and the finished necklace looks very african or tribal.
The rest of the week was the usual: a great lunch with my girls at a local mall, time in the garage working on jewelry, finally finishing my 10 color heat transfer screen print (the finished product will be on black mens tees and tote bags for the ladies), delish food and a pretty high dose of yoga. Oh and my mom sent me this cute easter bunny that now guards our key-tree!
I hope you had a great week and got some rest if this was your spring break,
xx Naomi

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  1. Guacamole is my fave (so is buying flowers for myself!). Sounds like a great week!