Friday, April 2, 2010

Inspiring Individuals: Amy Purdy

Images 1 & 2 by Amber B

Left image by Nikki Sixx
Right Image from an article in Womens Health Magazine
both via amypurdy

Let me introduce you to the amazing Amy Purdy.
She is a multi talented, gorgeous Nevada native. Snowboarder, skateboarder, model, actress, make-up artist, motivational speaker - you name it. This is probably already much more than many of us can say of themselves, but Amy is all the above (and she excels at what she does - she has medals to prove it!) and she is a double leg amputee.
She lost both legs, and almost her life to Bacterial Meningitis. But instead of stopping her from doing anything, one could almost say it has pushed her to doing even more. Only four months after getting her first prosthetic legs she was already standing on a snowboard!
But Amy didn't stop short at achieving great things for herself - she is the co-founder of ASA ( Adaptive Action Sports) an organization to support action sport (think X Games!) athletes with disabilities.
I guess you can tell by now how blown away I am by this girl! I just had to share her story with you guys, hoping to make you check out her projects and just to share some inspiration.
Have a wonderful weekend,
xx Naomi

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  1. Amy - Super-Amy - what a great personality, what a great spirit. Just adorable... breathtaking !!!!