Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, seems like I'm trying to make up for the past week: this is my second post today!
I'm just way to excited: I cleaned and organized the garage, so I can use it as my jewelry workshop.I still need to figure out how to get electricity (so far I've only discovered a rusty, suspicious- looking light fixture) and a place where I can screw on my bench pin (the actual shelf I'll be working on is too thick)!
BUT... I'm happy, and so far I can hammer along when the sun is shining and work on some chain ideas I've had this past week.

my tin collection where I save all my beads, jumprings, stones, etc

detail of my hammer and brushes

my two new machines: a very vintage looking tumbler and a sturdy drill

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  1. well done! Cant wait to see you working in your new workshop - though for the time being it has to be in pictures....... good luck, good and plenty ideas, success and happyness ! un abrazo