Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Frida in her bedroom, 1952

Skirt with embroidered chinese silk strip

This month has been one of change and inspiration. I have finally taken action: started this blog, opened an etsy store, I am finally using my twitter account, and started working on projects. On top of all that I feel good about life and the direction I'm headed. So what greater reward than getting surprise presents? First I got the little package from my mom, and now I just got home from a nice day with the girls and found a package lying on my desk! Turns out my dad mailed me an amazing book, called "Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress ". It's all about the clothes Frida Kahlo wore and has these amazing photos & self portraits of her wearing the garments next to detailed pictures of the garments themselves. This book is great, not only because I am a huge Kahlo fan, but also because all the embroidery and colors are truly inspiring.

Mottled rayon rebozo with rapacejo from Guanajuato

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