Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Week In Pics

Phew. What an eventful week. I feel like I need some time out - and it's already sunday afternoon! Spring finally came, so my week has been dominated by sunshine and vivid colors. I got so carried away by it all, that I have tons and tons of photos this week. I hope I wont overwhelm you :) My past week included screen printing, meeting friends, several trips to different parts of town and even a 4.4 earthquake!!! Try topping that!

My trip to the Fashion District in downtown LA was probably the first one I did just for the fun of it, spending some time with my friends and to get some color inspirations for possible prints. So it involved no money spending and, even better: no stress!

On tuesday morning I woke rather startled, clinging onto my boyfriend because all the windows in our tiny old house were rattling and shaking - and so were we: like almost every other angeleno, the 4.4 earthquake woke us up at 4:04am {spooky coincidence in those numbers!} and made us all very aware of how powerful mother nature is.

I also got the chance to work on my "Follow the Leader" screen printing project - a 10 color [!!!] illustration that combines all major world religions in one deity. I hadn't printed in about three months and I had completely forgotten how much fun it is (oh and how much preparation and cleaning up it involves!).

On friday night I attended Project Ethos, a fashion, music and art show that was part of the LA Fashion Week. Although I wasn't very impressed by most designers, I have to admit that I very much enjoyed Haus of Estrada (whose designer, Jesus Estrada, has been on project runway). Fashion was followed by delicious Pho Soup in Koreatown!

On saturday a couple of my friends and I ventured to Silverlake, a very laid back and hip neighborhood, to try out LAMill - a superb coffee place! (We opted for Creme Brulée Macchiato) Then we strolled along Silverlake Boulevard, having a look at some very inspiring boutiques (mainly interior decoration).

This morning I decided to check out Hollywood's Farmers Market and the adjoining Space 15 Twenty Flea Market. What a great place for people watching! Punkrockhippies stocking up on organic foods while slurping fresh strawberry lemonade! And I am very happy to say that you will be very likely to meet me at my NIMO. table during the next Space 15 Twenty Flea Market events, which are every third sunday of the month, as I recently joined the LosAngelesStreetTeam on etsy, who are the organizers.
I don't know how I did it, but I also managed to throw my weekly workout routine and some partying in my week - so I'm sure you can understand my exhaustion!
Hope you had a great week, too.
xx Naomi


  1. hi you multitalented girl - great pics, lovely text, good job done in printing etc...etc....etc... carry on !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the pics! I heard about the earthquake on a flight home from LA...scary!