Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Week In Pics

Wow. Another week has gone by so quickly. It was a good one, too. Just the way I like them, a bit of work and a bit of fun.
The first pic is of my Scheherazade tassel lariat. A part of the SS2010 Collection I've been working on, especially because of the Graffiti Beach show I'm participating in next weekend.
Then on saturday I had the pleasure to go to the opening of an art exhibition at the James Gray Galleryover at the Bergamot Station Art Center in Santa Monica. Where Australian photographer James Tapscott is showing his series on light.
I finally got myself to invest some of the money I made in the past shows into a stamp that I can use to brand my jewelry. So watch out for those NIMO. letters in the back of my new SS2010 collection!
So after getting my metal stamp I thought I might as well get myself and ordinary paper stamp, just in case I run out of business cards or need to brand anything else (like the terrace floor, as you can see in the pic).
Oh and then it was Valentines day today. As most of you might already know, Mikki and I have been in a very long term relationship :) - twelve years and 3 months, to be exact. We have never been big fans of all the Valentine-craze, but we decided to go out and have a nice lunch, as we had one of those sunny and warm days California is famous for. We chose a cute little restaurant that has tables set outside on the boardwalk, but apparently we weren't the only ones! After what seemed to be a never ending wait to be seated, the staff just seemed to forget about us constantly. Not only did they seat customers which had arrived after us, before us, but when we finally got our table they forgot about us again! Finally they realized that we weren't part of the decoration, apologized and... ta-dan: invited us for lunch!!! So we ended up having a great Valentines lunch in the sun, and we didn't even have to pay for it! I must say, it pays off to be patient ;)

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  1. ....."es lohnt sich schon ein bisschen lieb xu sein".... that's one of my favourits: its worth while to be good sometimes. What a nice excuse when neglecting the customers is to invite them for lunch/diner... :-)
    I loved to read your weekly report- so charming!
    pretty pics, too..........