Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Berlin, baby!

Well hello again. Here's the promised picture section on Berlin, where I was from monday to wednesday last week. I went to meet up with my long time friend Viola. We had such a great time: talking to the wee hours of the morning, exploring her friend's neighborhood "Kreuzberg", eating ice cream and sweating like crazy (it was extremely hot, let me tell 'ya). But we also managed to sneak in an amazing trip to a Frida Kahlo exhibit. I should say "the" instead of "a". Wow, what a breathtaking adventure. Totally worth standing in line for about an hour. Once we had seen all the paintings, photographs, sketches, clothes, etc we were both deeply moved and completely exhausted! We topped off our stay in the capital with a small improvised class reunion: four former classmates reunited in Berlin ten years after graduating!
Here are my impressions of Berlin

Imagine my joy, when the on flight snack turned out to be my all time favorite on my summer trips as a kid. The Austrian "Manner Schnitten". Hmmmm.... sooo good ;)
The pretty view just before landing: Berlin is surrounded by lakes!
The modern train station
When it's almost 40C in a german city (read: no a.c.), people have to head out: either sitting in the local beer garden, or seeking the shade of the trees in a park.
I was absolutely baffled by this daring (crazy, if you ask me) girl! She opted for relaxing on the top of the building, look at the first picture to see how high up she wasYeay, we made it to the Frida Kahlo Retrospective!!!!
Bikes. Everywhere.
"Corpus for all Delicti" a very creative way of saying that you can throw all kinds of trash in this trashcan ;)
One of the old border posts.
Artificial beach.
Nighttime refreshments :)

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